I write short scenarios and headcanons for Voltron: Legendary Defender Please check the rules before you send in a request! I watched my brother go through enough. Voltron Memes Voltron Fanart Voltron Comics Voltron Cosplay Form Voltron Voltron Ships Voltron Klance Shiro Voltron Pixar Read Pt 3 from the story Voltron scenarios and other stuff by YukiSnowfall (Ice Princess) with 166 reads. Lance suddenly heard a shuffle in his room and it caused him to move his eye mask up so he could check the situation. A brother well below the age of 10 and a sister just slightly above the age of 20 engage in a depraved sexual relationship with one another despite not liking one another very much. Form Voltron Hunk Voltron Voltron Klance Voltron Memes Voltron Ships Voltron Fanart Voltron Comics Voltron Cosplay Voltron Force Keith,Lance and shiro are all pretty normal but pidge is flying and hunk is a channeling his lion